5 Tips for saving energy on your bill

5 Tips for saving energy on your bill

5 Tips for saving energy on your bill

Today, energy conservation has become a worldwide concern due to our abusive energy consumption. That’s when each of us can make a small contribution to preserving our resources and reducing our environmental footprint. Fortunately, there are several ways in which we can integrate energy-saving attitudes and practices into our daily lives.

5 energy saving tips

1. LED light option

Change halogen bulbs for energy-saving LED bulbs. Despite having a slightly higher initial cost, LED bulbs have the potential to reduce your electricity bill by up to 80%. Its benefits include higher efficiency, no heat generation and environmental friendliness. In addition, their durability considerably exceeds that of conventional bulbs, and their low power consumption contributes significantly to energy savings.

2. Unplug electrical appliances

It is advisable to disconnect all electrical devices that are not in use. Household appliances such as the television, stereo, computer or coffee maker often remain plugged in constantly. It is essential to note that even when these devices are turned off, they continue to consume power in standby mode.

3. Replacement of household appliances

State-of-the-art electrical devices offer more efficient energy consumption, generating benefits for both your economy and the environment. Opting for energy label A appliances can not only translate into substantial savings on your electricity bill, but also contribute to minimizing environmental impact, among other significant advantages.


4. The right temperature in your home

The appropriate temperature in the home is around 20 ºC in winter and 25 ºC in summer.

Reducing the heating to 16°C at night can result in savings of 13%, and by doing the same when the house is unoccupied, savings can reach 24%. If you have a programmable thermostat, designing various programs according to the time of day or your presence at home can further optimize energy consumption.

Do not neglect traditional methods: during the winter, keep blinds closed and curtains drawn until dusk, while in summer, use awnings, blinds and curtains to protect you from the heat.

5. Hot but short showers

It is always better to shower with cold water to save energy, although we know that in winter it is impossible not to shower with hot water. However, to save on your gas bill, you can reduce the time you spend in the shower and try to use lukewarm water. Forget about hot water baths!

These 5 energy saving tips are simple and efficient practices that you can adopt in your day-to-day life and in your home to save money on your bill. Small changes make it possible for all of us to achieve a better care of the environment and a responsible use of resources. At TV95 we are committed to do our bit for a better world.

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