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Our history

TV95 was born in 1993

With the motto “Quality by principles” TV95 began its journey in 1993 to consolidate a business idea that offered solutions that were not available in the market. Since then we have reached more sectors and with more products, consolidating our position as a company of recognised quality and being pioneers in techniques and products that are now used in our different business areas.

A path of constant improvement.

From small terrestrial TV reception installations to large structures used in the renewable energy sector.

TV95 began in the manufacture of masts, fittings and small towers for terrestrial TV reception at domestic level. Today its products have diversified and we provide solutions not only in the field of telecommunications, but also in the field of renewable energies.

Our towers, which in the past were 24m high, are now 180m high. The needs of the telecommunications field have changed during this time and TV95 has grown along with the sector, offering structures capable of providing solutions to the installations required to keep our world connected today.

In the renewable energy sector, we are mainly present in the wind energy sector, where our structures have been rising at the pace of wind turbines and adapting to any terrain, no matter how difficult it may be.

TV95 was the first company in Europe in these sectors to obtain EN-1090-1, EN-1090-2 certification, designed for large steel constructions and which guarantees safety from design to installation.

Currently, in addition to manufacturing the product, we also offer assembly and installation services of our structures to meet the demands of new customers.

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Our team

We have been able to maintain our quality at all levels thanks to the great team that makes up this company. Over the years we have grown and strengthened our company with qualified personnel and with the desire to make this project that is TV95 reach all the challenges it sets itself and to do so in a solid and constant way.

A team made up of people with extensive professional experience and knowledge of the product and processes, who work day by day as a small “family”. Because at TV95 people are important and we know that without this desire to give the best of each one of us, we would not be the company we are today.