In recent years, telecommunications have become one of the main axes that maintain the day to day life of our society. This circumstance highlights the importance of having reliable and secure telecommunications networks.

The arrival of Wi-Fi has also increased the demand to improve this communication network through repeaters At TV95 we have a catalogue of self-supporting masts to meet these new needs.

Our catalogue of fixings, masts and turrets

Our wide range of products includes towers, masts, clamps, supports, brackets, and all types of fasteners and materials necessary for the installation of terrestrial and SAT antennas.

In addition to the diversity of models and sizes, we also offer different coating options so that the installer can choose the optimum one for the area where the installation will be carried out.

These design and coating advantages, the quality of raw materials and a rigorous manufacturing process, offer our customers all the guarantees and the security of working with the best product.

Our range of braced and self-supporting towers, from the simplest model to the most complete, are a great option due to their resistance, stability, safety and comfort when installed.

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TV95 Premier Certificates

The work of many years, professionalism and quality has allowed us to have these certificates.