The importance of towers for wifi repeaters

The importance of towers for wifi repeaters

The importance of towers for wifi repeaters

Can you imagine your life without the Internet? What would a day in your life be like without wifi? Do you think you would survive? It is hard to believe that we have become so dependent on something that barely 25 years ago did not even exist.

Since the advent of the Internet, our life revolves around it. Internet use is so widespread that, after several years and efforts, we have managed to bring the network to corners of the world where it did not reach. And all thanks to wifi repeater towers.

These structures allow us to improve the connection quality and extend the range of the wireless network. Despite being so common, do we really know what a wifi repeater tower is? Do we know the benefits of installing a Wi-Fi repeater tower? What does the future of telecommunications hold?

Telecommunications context

There are many discrepancies regarding the invention of the Interne Some say that in 1969 it was already open to the public. Others confirm that it was not until 1983 that the Internet as we know it today was born. And let’s not even talk about what year the Wi-Fi wireless network arrived. The story is long and just as entertaining.

What is clear is that, since its invention, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Such is our need to be connected that in some parts of the world access to the Internet is considered a fundamental right.

In April 2023, the number of users with Internet access was 5.18 million. This means that almost 65% of the population now has access to the Internet. Even so, there are parts of the world where coverage is very limited or non-existent. In rural and mountainous areas, dense jungles, remote islands, deserts and certain protected areas it is difficult to connect due to lack of infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, the greatest advance so far has been made possible by the installation of wifi towers and repeaters, bringing internet to many areas of the world that did not have it. And the future of telecommunications will focus on 5G technology. This new generation of wireless networks will allow us to connect at a speed never seen before.

What are Wi-Fi repeater towers?

Wi-Fi is a technology thanks to which we can connect digital devices to a wireless network. But what is a wifi repeater tower and what is it for?

When we talk about Wi-Fi repeater towers, we refer to the metallic structures on which Wi-Fi signal and transmission repeaters or antennas are installed. They are installed in strategic elevated locations to improve network coverage and reach.

As its name suggests, a wifi repeater allows you to improve the quality and stability of your internet connection. And that is why they are installed in places where the wifi signal is weak or where it does not reach. The repeater boosts the signal so that other devices further away can connect to the same network.

These types of towers are usually metal or fiberglass structures. Although designed to withstand adverse conditions, Wi-Fi towers can also be equipped with anchoring systems.

These are very common installations for large-scale projects, as would be the case for Internet or telecommunications service providers. This is how they manage to offer a wide coverage to larger areas.

You may have seen a wi-fi signal repeater in an office or small space. That’s because it is becoming more and more common to have a signal repeater for home use. Despite performing the same function on a very small scale, these devices have nothing to do with those installed on towers.

Why are wifi towers so important?

In the absence of wifi repeater towers, wireless connectivity would be severely limited. We would have a much slower and less reliable connection experience. And this is because, today, this type of towers play a fundamental role in the expansion of wireless network coverage.

Wifi repeater towers are crucial because:

  • Extend network coverage and eliminate dead zones, bringing extended wifi coverage to areas that are far away from a main router.
  • Improve network connectivity and stability, which translates into faster speeds
  • Enables scalability of wireless networks without the need to install multiple routers or wifi range extenders
  • Flexible and movable installation. A tower can be relocated as needed, which is useful for temporary installations for events such as concerts or outdoor fairs.

Factors to consider when installing wifi repeater solutions

Now that you know how installing a wifi repeater can benefit you, you probably have many other questions. Where and how are wifi repeater towers installed? There are several important considerations to take into account at this point.

  • Strategic location. To ensure optimal coverage, the location of the wifi tower will be crucial. It should be installed in an elevated location, avoiding large obstructions (such as very thick walls or metal objects that could interfere with the signal) to ensure the best coverage.
  • Security. The tower must be installed in a location that is difficult to access to avoid any damage or unwanted or unauthorized manipulation. It is also important to ensure the security of the network, protecting it with strong passwords and encryption.
  • Regulations. There are certain areas that have specific restrictions or requirements for the installation of antennas. Make sure your installation complies with all legal requirements before moving forward with your project.
  • Interference. It is also important to consider what kind of elements can affect the signal of your wi-fi network. This could be radio equipment or any electronic device that is near your tower and can create signal interference.

Maintenance tasks allow you to check the security of the network and the installation, and are therefore also essential. They also perform firmware updates, which serve to increase security and solve problems that may have arisen in previous versions.

How does a wi-fi repeater tower work?

The performance of a wifi repeater tower may change depending on the equipment used. The main objective will always be to amplify the wi-fi signal to improve network coverage. And, to a greater or lesser extent, this is usually the most common process to make the repeater work:

  1. The first step will always be the installation of the tower with the necessary equipment for signal reception. Several types of devices can be placed on a tower, including directional antennas, wi-fi repeaters, omni-directional antennas and other extension devices.
  2. Once the structure is installed with the additional equipment in operation, the tower will be able to receive the wi-fi signal from a main access point or router.
  3. Once the signal is received at the tower, the wi-fi repeater will amplify the signal and increase its range so that it can be transmitted to a wider area.

Need to install a wi-fi repeater tower and don’t know where to start? TV95 Premier has been designing and producing metal structures for all types of installations since 1993. More than 30 years of experience in design, production and installation of telecommunication towers, measurement towers for wind and solar stations, video surveillance and security equipment, and much more.


Wi-fi repeater towers serve very important functions in today’s society. They not only extend wireless network coverage and improve connectivity. They are perfect for eliminating dead zones and bringing the wireless network to places it could not reach. A repeater tower is an economical and very efficient way to extend coverage, avoiding the installation of new routers or home wi-fi extenders.

Now that you know the importance of wi-fi repeater towers, you will have realized that product quality, installation and maintenance are the 3 key factors for a successful installation.

Having a partner with more than 30 years of experience allows you to enjoy maximum peace of mind in all phases of the project. TV95 also provides training for installers, so that you can ensure that your staff is trained to carry out the maintenance tasks that the tower and its equipment will require.

Please contact us for more information so that we can evaluate your project.

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