TV95 collaborates in the digitalization of the roads of Castilla y León with 122 sensors.

TV95 collaborates in the digitalization of the roads of Castilla y León with 122 sensors.

TV95 collaborates in the digitalization of the roads of Castilla y León with 122 sensors.

This November, the Junta de Castilla y León has installed up to 122 new sensors along its regional road network in order to promote digitization and ensure road safety. All sensors installed by the Board use TV95 Premier collapsible masts as support.

As reported on the regional television CyLTV, the presentation and launch of the project took place on November 17 at the Port of Navalmoral, in Ávila, by the Councilor for Mobility and Digital Transformation of the Regional Government, María González Corral.

What does the project consist of?

These 122 new sensors installed collect data that are stored in Territorio Rural Inteligente, a shared intelligent platform for all local entities in Castilla y León that allows knowing the status of each public service in real time, facilitating immediate actions to adapt each service to specific conditions.

This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration between TV95 Premier and Arantec-Smarty Planet, a company that develops and offers cloud solutions for the measurement and control of environmental phenomena.

Why did they choose TV95 Premier collapsible masts?

Using a collapsible mast for the installation of weather sensors or gauges has multiple benefits. By offering the possibility to perform the installation or any maintenance task without raising the height, not only is the cost of the installation reduced, but this has other implications:

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of a collapsible mast:

  1. Easy handling – it is an easily transportable system, making installation in hard to reach areas much easier. No cranes, lifting platforms or complex tools are required for installation.
  2. Cost reduction – using this mast model allows great savings, both in transportation costs and in the work required for installation, and also avoids work at heights. As it is foldable, it can be used by a single technician and does not require additional personnel.
  3. Security – Installing with a collapsible mast, which can be hinged to lower the systems to the ground, also entails far fewer risks than a traditional installation, both at the time of installation and during any subsequent maintenance, the installation team can lower the equipment to the ground and work without the need for lifts or cranes.

What is Intelligent Rural Territory?

Framed within the Digital Agenda for Castilla y León, the Intelligent Rural Territory project helps the development and digitalization of these rural areas, promoting the creation of new sources of wealth and, above all, improving the provision of services to citizens thanks to ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

A common platform for managing public services through IoT sensors. The same intelligent system for all local administrations, such as provincial councils, town councils or associations of municipalities.

Currently, the project has more than 2,000 sensorized points in the territory of Castilla y León.


TV95 Premier collaborates with Arantec Engineering in the project developed by the Junta de Castilla y León for the monitoring of flux deposits and road conditions in the community.

The purpose of this project is none other than to prioritize driver safety by allowing access to service information in real time before driving on a road, thanks to the Intelligent Rural Territory platform.

Thanks to the installation of these sensors with the collapsible masts, project costs are reduced and installation risks are reduced. Find out more about the launch of this innovative range of masts and brackets.

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