We are celebrating our 30th anniversary by launching an innovative range of folding poles.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary by launching an innovative range of folding poles.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary by launching an innovative range of folding poles.

TV95 Premier, leader in the development of structures for wind and solar energy in Spain, launches an innovative range of poles. The first wind energy company to be certified in Europe in 2012 continues to lead the change with the launch of a new system of collapsible poles that are fully transportable and do not require cranes or work at height.

Having helped to keep the world connected locally and internationally, TV95 Premier has managed to cross borders to become a global benchmark in the wind energy sector.

It began its journey in 1993 as a manufacturer and installer of metal structures for telecommunications, such as masts, fittings and small towers for terrestrial TV reception, but has reinvented itself by leaps and bounds.

“Right now TV95 Premier is focused on the renewable industry, especially wind,” says Constancio Ballabriga, Founder of TV95 Premier. “Our structures have been rising at the pace of wind turbines and adapting to any terrain no matter how difficult.”

TV95 Premier’s wind measuring towers have now reached 180 meters in height, providing greater stability and maximum reliability in data collection.

The company also aims to become a benchmark in the solar energy industry, providing increasingly advanced solutions that stand out for their quality. An example of this is its new range of poles, which is particularly innovative in that it features two new operating systems that are unique on the market.

On the one hand, with the folding pole, work at height is avoided, facilitating the installation, handling and maintenance of the structure. In addition, it is more economical, avoids the use of cranes and reduces the risk for installers.

On the other hand, with the conical rod, the vibration of the structure is reduced to the maximum, avoiding false alarms. This allows the installation of heavier, motion-sensitive cameras, maximizing surveillance in solar plants and making life easier for controllers.

These poles are required for access control, surveillance cameras, weather installations, wi-fi repeaters and many other applications.

TV95 Premier was the first company in the wind energy field in Europe to achieve EN-1090-1 and EN-1090-2 certification(in 2012).This certification guarantees the safety of large steel constructions from design to installation.

Now, in 2023, TV95 Premier celebrates its 30th anniversary and consolidates its position as a pioneer in the manufacture of metallic structures for wind measurement and solar plants.

The same company that in 2005 certified the first crane-free guyed tower assembly system continues to innovate to help produce greener and more economical installations.

“We make the most of and streamline the mechanical processes by designing and calculating the prototypes for each project,” said Constancio Ballabriga, Founder of TV95 Premier, “and this is only possible if you have an in-house engineering team”.

TV95 Premier’s technical and engineering team also offers training services to its customers for more efficient and safer work.. They specialize in training for the correct use of equipment, as well as for individual and collective risk prevention.

“We adapt to each project as needed,” Constancio adds. “And that’s because we are pioneers in techniques and products in several business areas. We can offer top quality assurance at every stage of every project.”

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