Why is important to have a good training of tower and mast installers?

Why is important to have a good training of tower and mast installers?

Why is important to have a good training of tower and mast installers?

Have you ever wondered what are the requirements for the training of installers for the construction of large steel structures? In the last 30 years the world of telecommunications has evolved by leaps and bounds. If the Internet speed in 1991 was 14.4 Kb per second, with the arrival of 5G we are talking about a speed of 10 Gb per second. In other words, the connection we enjoy today is almost 700% faster.

Imagine the speed at which manufacturers and installers of telecommunication towers and masts have had to adapt in order to bring coverage to the whole world.

The same is happening with renewable energies, especially wind power. It is the most widely used renewable energy source in the world.

In order to carry out efficient installations for wind measurement, as in the case of telecommunications, it is essential to have a team of professionals prepared to carry out a safe installation of such infrastructures.

Safety, risk prevention and efficiency play a key role.

What training should telecommunication tower installers have?

Installers of telecommunication towers and wind measuring towers are officially governed by the study of vocational training cycles of Installation Technician of each specialty, medium and higher grade, as well as telecommunications engineering.

In addition in 2018, the telecommunications sector approved a TELCO Training project, in which they agreed on a common regulatory framework for all training for operational workers in the sector.

TV95 Premier follows the same path being faithful to the motto “Quality of principles”, that is why it attaches great importance to the collaboration between one and the other. TV95 offers training to its installer customers to get the most out of its products and offer the best service.

Always with the purpose of performing quality work, the customer has the option of accessing a training service consisting of a theoretical part and a practical part in which different installation processes are learned.

In addition, the installer is trained on the importance of process safety by providing knowledge and means for individual and collective prevention.

And finally, they emphasize the use of the necessary equipment for a correct, safe and accurate installation.

How important is the installer in telecommunications and energy infrastructures?

The training of installers in the telecommunications and energy sector is of vital importance both for the development of the industry and to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the infrastructures in these fields. Some of the key reasons why installer training is essential are:

  1. Specialized technical knowledge:Properly trained installers acquire in-depth technical knowledge of the specific technologies and equipment used in the telecommunications and energy sector. This allows them to perform installations accurately and efficiently, minimizing possible errors and future problems.
  2. Compliance with standards and regulations: In the telecommunications and energy sector, there are numerous rules and regulations that must be complied with to ensure the safety and quality of installations. The training of installers includes the teaching of these regulations, which ensures that all installations comply with the established legal and technical standards.
  3. Improved safety: Safety is essential in these sectors, as a poor installation can pose a risk to the safety of workers and the general public.
  4. Efficiency and performance: Well-trained installers can carry out high-quality installations that operate efficiently.
  5. Long-term cost reduction: Poor installations can lead to costly maintenance and repair problems in the future.
  6. Innovation and technological updating: Trained installers are aware of the latest trends and technological advances in the sector. This allows them to adapt to new technologies and use more efficient equipment, which in turn improves infrastructure quality and the ability to offer more advanced services.

In addition, at TV95 premier we highlight the importance of maintenance of telecommunication towers and wind measurement towers. It is important that once the installation of the towers is done, a preventive and corrective maintenance follow-up is guaranteed so that the quality of our products is extended throughout your project.

In summary, the training of installers in the telecommunications and energy sector plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, safety and efficiency of infrastructures in these fields. It contributes to the sustainable development of the industry and to meeting the demands of a society that is increasingly dependent on communications and energy.

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