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The masts that give you integral solutions.

You provide the project, we offer you the best resources to execute it.

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A product for every needd

A wide range of masts, fittings and accessories designed and built with high quality materials, processes and services without losing competitiveness.

All our products and services are certified according to international standards.

A 12,000m2 facility at the service of quality and innovation.

  • Production: the production plant is organised with state-of-the-art, specialised and updated machinery, which improves the manufacturing processes and their quality.
  • Delivery times: the continuous rotation of stocks of raw materials, products in the manufacturing process and finished products allows us to respond quickly, shortening conventional delivery times.
  • • Warehousing services: We offer warehousing and picking services to facilitate logistics management for our customers and reduce transport costs and the carbon footprint of the product.
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The added value of professional services

Because experience and continuous learning are key when developing any project, we put our extensive experience of more than 25 years at the service of our clients, offering them technical advice, answers with integral solutions and maximum collaboration to safely face the challenges presented by the business world.

Training of installers

To ensure quality from start to finish, we offer training for installers who will not be deterred by any challenge.

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Engineering Department

Innovation is one of the basic principles we apply at TV95, which is why we have our own engineering department that is in daily and practical contact with all the areas involved in our products and services.

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Installation, assembly and maintenance

For those looking for more than just the product, we offer comprehensive services including installation and maintenance.

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