Installation and maintenance

Everything you needto carry out your project

TV95’s objective is to offer the client a complete service that meets all their expectations and needs.

In the area of renewable energies, and mainly in the wind energy sector, in addition to selling structures, we have the infrastructure and human and material resources to offer installation and maintenance services.

-Installations: For clients who require it, we supply the structure together with measuring equipment and loggers of all brands and we carry out the project to present together with the permit applications, the geotechnical and civil work where necessary, the installation of the structure, equipment and commissioning. On completion of an installation, the client can receive data immediately.

-Maintenance: Guaranteeing that the installation works correctly during the life of the project requires periodic controls and maintenance. We offer preventive maintenance services as well as corrective maintenance services so that the quality extends throughout your project.

-Renting of structures and equipment: We have recently incorporated this new service for our clients. They only need to provide the administrative permits, installation permits and the point where the tower is to be erected. From then on, we will take care of the rest, guaranteeing that the client will receive the data reports on time -during the agreed period of time- both in measurement campaigns and in power curve studies. All our rental services include maintenance.