Engineering Department

Engineering from the Latin ingenium

Innovation, invention, development and improvement of techniques and products to satisfy needs and solve problems help us to grow day by day accompanying our clients.

Because we are not satisfied to be just one more

If there is one thing that characterises us as a company, it is meeting challenges with ingenuity. And so that these ideas become realities, our engineering department works continuously to find alternative designs that improve the functionality of our products.

Why does TV95 have its own engineering department?

-Because we are not satisfied with just being one more and because we believe that there is always something that can be improved, we give special importance to R&D in all our products.

-Because we want to accompany our customers also in the early stages of their projects when the needs and solutions are defined.

-Because a complete service requires professionals who can analyse the circumstances and offer alternatives to make our customers’ projects a success.

-Because it is important to adapt to new regulations and we want to make it easier for our clients to use products with full guarantees.

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