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TV95 Posts

Main applications:


This system has been developed to cover improvement needs that the market currently demands, which are basically three:

1. Easy to manipulate
This system is easily transportable and manageable for areas that are difficult to access and avoids having to use cranes, lifting platforms or complex tools.

2. Reduce costs
With this model, you save on transport costs in the labor necessary to install the crosier and, mainly, you can save on maintenance because, since it is collapsible, the work is no longer at height and can therefore be carried out by a single technician in place of two.

3. Security
The installation of this staff carries fewer risks than traditional installations since all those dangers related to work at height are avoided.


Ideal for cameras, control and measurement equipment due to its high stability with the lowest degree of tip deviation on the market.


Ranging from 4 to 10 meters tall, these fixed steel posts are ideal for the installation of measurement equipments, control systems or multiple other common uses in the market. Ideal for overcoming obstacles that prevent visual control and/or signal reception.

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structures since 1993

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