Wind measuring masts

Wind energy industry

Thanks to the quality of our structures, both braced and self-supporting, TV95 is an international benchmark in the wind measurement sector.

Pioneers in certifying this type of structure in the sector and in offering solutions that avoid the need for concrete footings, over the years our solutions and products have been expanding and continue to do so at the pace of an increasingly demanding market.

New wind projects require more height

New wind projects require higher, more accurate and more reliable measuring towers every day, both in stable meteorological areas and in areas with extreme wind or snow conditions.

At TV95 we have worked and continue to work every day to provide our customers – both in the national and international market – with the most suitable systems and products for each project.

Our masts can be found in practically every continent and in the most diverse locations such as a desert in Africa, the Caribbean coast, in high mountains, in different countries in Europe and South America or in some parks in Australia.

Our masts height

Over the years we have been surpassing our height mark.
Today we have masts that exceed 180m, both in guyed and self-supported masts.








All the products we manufacture have been designed and calculated by TV95’s technical team in accordance with current regulations.

Our manufacturing processes is guaranteed by the ISO 9001-2015 standard, are CE marked and are certified in design calculation and welding by the international standard for the construction of steel structures EN-1090-2.

The raw materials used correspond to the qualities required for a correct guarantee of the product both in handling and in the assembly and use of the finished products.

We have a high production capacity that allows us to offer special structures at competitive prices.

Advantages of modular composition

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The work of many years, professionalism and quality has allowed us to have these certificates.