Importance of wind measurement towers in the installation of wind farms

Importance of wind measurement towers in the installation of wind farms

Importance of wind measurement towers in the installation of wind farms

In order to know where it is appropriate to install a wind farm, it is necessary to carry out a wind measurement study of the area. The use of wind measurement towers is essential for this purpose, as it provides reliable information and data on the wind direction and wind speed at that location. That will make it possible to see if it is viable to install it in that area or not. Keep reading this article to learn more!

What is wind energy?

Wind energy stands out as one of the most promising renewable energy sources worldwide. According to Statista over the last 10 years it has increased by approximately 61,200 gigawatt hours.

Its generation is based on wind turbines that transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. In order to obtain good results from this process, it is essential to choose well where to place the wind turbine installation, and to choose the right area it is necessary to measure the wind conditions.

How to measure wind through wind measurement towers?

Both wind speed and wind direction are critical elements that affect wind turbine performance. The higher the wind speed, the more power output from the turbine. In addition, wind direction is crucial for selecting optimal locations because the turbines are designed to face the prevailing wind direction. Therefore, knowing the proper orientation is essential.

Taking these two factors into account is of vital importance to accurately estimate the expected yields over the lifetime of the wind farm and to determine the most efficient locations for the wind turbines.

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What are the advantages of wind measuring towers?

As we have already mentioned, wind measurement towers are essential in the evaluation of where to install a wind farm and take advantage of the energy. The advantages of these infrastructures are explained below:

  1. Accurate Measurements: Wind measurement towers allow accurate measurements of wind speed and direction to be obtained at a specific location. This information is essential to determine the wind power generation potential at that location.
  2. Optimal Site Selection: When installing met towers, optimal sites for wind turbine installation can be identified. This helps to maximize power generation performance by choosing sites with consistent and sufficiently strong winds.
  3. Project feasibility assessment: Long-term measurements provided by the met towers allow a complete assessment of the feasibility of a wind energy project. This includes identifying seasonal patterns and variations in wind conditions.
  4. Continuous monitoring: They can operate continuously for extended periods of time, facilitating long-term monitoring of wind conditions at a site.

How TV95 can help in the ins?

At TV95 we are committed to providing the highest quality of our structures, both braced and self-supporting. We offer a range of wind measuring towers designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and provide accurate and reliable data.

Thanks to these infrastructures, it is easier to know where to install a wind farm and what results it will give in that location. This requires measuring towers of greater height, accuracy and reliability, in stable meteorological zones and under extreme conditions.

Our towers can be found on practically every continent and in the most diverse locations, such as a desert in Africa, in the Caribbean, in the most remote mountains, in European and South American countries, and even in some parks in Australia.

If you are interested in learning more about where a wind farm should be installed and why wind measurement towers go hand in hand, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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