SINCE 1993

With the motto “Quality by principles” TV95 began its journey in 1993 to consolidate a business idea that offered solutions that were not available in the market. Since then we have reached more sectors and with more products, consolidating our position as a company of recognised quality and being pioneers in techniques and products that are now used in our different business areas.

TV95's towers are
installed throughout the world


1993 – TV95 Premier is born

The brand is launched as a telecommunications hardware manufacturer.

1995 – First towers for TV3

We designed the first towers for TV3 meteorological programs, with a system that allows the cameras to be raised and lowered without having to climb the tower.

1998 – Wine industry in France

Manufacture of structures for the wine industry. Launch of our vine training systems in France. 

1999 – Increasing the height of our measuring towers

Expansion of the height of our towers, intended for wind measurement in the wind energy sector. TV95 was the first company to incorporate ladders in this type of towers.

2000 – Wide range of structures for wind measurement

TV95 already markets a wide range of specific structures for wind measurement and wind farm control.

2001 – TV95 launches a new anchoring system

A more ecologic and cheaper system for guyed towers which is rapidly adopted in the sector. It replaces the older concrete bases and solves the difficulty of access for concrete mixers, managing to avoid the concrete base for good.

2003 – Training of installers

We start with specialized training to installers of TV95's  measuring towers in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, French Guiana and Canada.

2004 – AVANZA Award for Quality

Quality award in the national contest AQVA (Avanza Quality Awards).

2005 – Certification of the first crane-free assembly system

Type approval of the first assembly system which doesn't need any sort of crane for guyed towers. 

2005 – Our guyed towers reach 145 meters

Reaching a new record in the height of 145 meters our guyed towers. In this case, for a tower which is manufactured with a rotating base to allow maximum freedom of movement to the whole structure. This reduces tension and improves its behavior towards fatigue. 

2005 – Towers for AVE

Wind speed control towers for different sections of the AVE railway lines.

2005 – First offshore wind measurement

TV95 structures participate for the first time in measurements for the off-shore wind energy field.

2006 – Radio communication in Congo

Project to improve radio communications in the Congo with an 80m guyed tower.

2007 - The tallest self-supporting measuring tower

We expanded the range of towers for the wind sector with self-supported towers of 100 meters, becoming the first Spanish company to create a self-supported tower for wind measurement with these heights.

2008 – TV95 arrives in Peru and expands to Europe

Collaboration and consulting in wind power implementation projects in Peru. TV95 towers are already known throughout Europe and several projects are being carried out in the Swiss Alps, Turkey and Poland. Demand is increasing in complex areas due to the ice and snow loads that the structures have to withstand.

2009 – Design and manufacture of towers for Canada

TV95 collaborates with Canadian companies to design and manufacture custom towers for different sites in Canada.

2010 – Mini-wind power for self-consumption in rural areas

Multiple projects for mini-wind power with support towers for small wind turbines in self-consumption projects in rural areas.

2011 – Wi-Fi towers for local councils

With installations of small wi-fi towers up to 25 meters high.

2012 – Repeater towers in the Jordanian desert

TV95 supplies all the link towers for repeaters to cover a communication line in the Jordanian desert.

2012 – First certified wind energy company in Europe

In 2012 we achieved EN-1090-1 and EN-1090-2 certifications for the design, manufacturing, welding, installation and maintenance of wind measuring towers. We were pioneers in certifying our product with CE marking with the certification 1090-1 and later with 1090-2 before the market requested it.

2013 – TV95 enters Italy's wind power market

We entered the Italian wind power market, supplying self-supporting towers and collaborating with different installers in the country, while also offering training and advice.

2013 – New self-supporting tower with all sides enclosed

TV95 designs the first self-supporting polygonal sheet metal tower, a tower with all sides closed for heights from 20 to 35 meters.

2013 – We achieved ISO 9001 certification
2014 – We supply more towers for new AVE routes
2015 – Braced tower design for measurement at 200 meters
2017 – TV95 starts producing 160-meter-high guyed towers with standard sections
2018 – 65-meter self-supporting telecommunications towers

TV95's range of self-supporting towers for telecommunications reaches up to 65 meters in height.

2019 – TV95 towers arrive in Greece
2020 – Measuring towers for AEMET (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología)
2021 – Hybrid self-supporting tower design (metering and telecommunications)

TV95 designs and starts production of a new hybrid self-supported tower model for wind measurement and telecommunications with a perimeter platform that reaches 120 meters in height. A model designed to reduce the cost and environmental impact of the tower, avoiding the duplication of structures.

2022 – TV95 carries out its first projects in the Middle East
2022 – Meteorological towers for METEOCAT
2023 – TV95 celebrates its 30th anniversary

In 2023, TV95 celebrates its 30th anniversary with the official launch of a complete range of hoist-free poles. We continue our expansion in Africa and the Middle East, and we can already see our towers installed in areas complicated by ice and snow such as the Sant Gotthard Pass in Switzerland or in Canada.